The band URBAN STRIP was founded by our guitar playr Lena in April 1992 in the city of Smolensk (Russia). Besides our "founding mother" Alexander Ermolayev (bass) and Alexander "Master" Savtchenko (drums) played in the group. A bit later Vasiliy Garapko, who played guitar in a thrash metal band EXORCIST, turned up there and became a singer. The style of music that they played at that time could be determined as fast Exploited-like punk with some metal influence. In October 1993 URBANS played their first gig and at about that time the first try to record some demo-material was made, but as there were no studios in Smolensk the recording was done at a rehearsal spot of a death metal band, whose name no one
remembers now. And the sound quality of what'd been recorded was so low that except a few friends nobody heard it. In early 1994 URBANS carried the first loss the drummer "Master" left the band (now he is a kind of a manager in a bank). His leaving nearly buried all the thing. There was no drummer for about six months and then it turned out that Lena's cousin Kolya Rybnikov played drums in uncertain death-bands, and so Kolyan gripped the sticks in URBAN STRIP. In mid 1994 the group participated in series of fests THRASH METAL ATTACK in Smolensk (Russia). Then Sergey "Kela" Kolobayev (ex- NYANECHKA), a back-vocalist and a show-man, and simply a star and a legend of Smolensk punk appeared on stage.

In the summer of 1995 the second lead-singer Alex "Kirk" Kuzmin (ex-THE DEAD POETS SOCIETY) was caught somewhere on the street and remained in the band. And there
again was a bunch of THRASH METAL ATTACK fests and as a result URBANS were invited to play at some metal-fest in Moscow (it's the first and yet the last time we played in our over-fed capital, Moscow sucks!). It was autumn 1995 when we risked to record the first demo- album DOG SONGS. The recording was held at VP-studios in Smolensk and our "first-born" was released in March 1996. The style we exercised then could be called Crossover as we added more metal, rap and some funky bass-parts. We spread about 150 copies of the album and some tracks from it got on compilations.

After the release of Dog Songs the line-up changed once more: "Kela" and Ermolayev left and a bassist/back-vocalist Eugene Korolev took his place among us. In winter 1997 we first played in the city of Bryansk (Russia). Along all these years visits to Bryansk have become a good tradition (Paul, respect!). That year Lena and Vasiliy got married and we turned not just into an ordinary band, but into a "family business". In 1997 we took a break caused by Lena's pregnancy and played only a couple of gigs and at one of them Vasiliy's younger brother Stas (NAME) played the guitar. Lena then made a heroic deed, when she appeared on stage just a week later the birth of her daughter at THE SMOLENSK PROJECT'97 fest.

By the summer 1997 we ripened to record the second demo-album, which we recorded at EUROPE SMOLENSK studios, and released in August 1998. It was called MENTAL HOME BLUES. We spread 400 copies of this album and again a few tracks taken from it appeared on compilations. In 1998 we became international. We went to take part in the fest BAND WATCH'98 in Hagen (Germany). Believe us or not, but it was FUCKING GREAT! (Wolfgang, we love ya!).

On our return from Germany our bassist Eugene temporarily left the band and his place was taken by Sasha "Mick" Grinkevitch. There were a lot of concerts in Russia again and only by millennium we gathered enough songs for a new album. But beforehand we recorded a song WHO'S NEXT? And made a video on it. Our simple clip along with live-videos of 1996-2000 appeared on our video-tape LIVE AND URBANIZED released by DRIVE SOUND Prods.

In 2000 "Mick" left the band and the four stringer Eugene made his comeback and in summer 2000 at ASR studios we recorded the album WHO'S NEXT? Released by the Moscow label SOUND AGE in 2001. Since our then-label worked only in Russia "Kirk" re-released part of the album on his label ALWAYS AT WAR Reds on the split- tape with a French SxE Metalcore band xOWN DECISIONx. At that very time we played a lot in Smolensk (Russia), Bryansk (Russia), Oryol (Russia), Mogilev (Belarus), Vitebsk (Belarus) and took part in a big fest BAND WATCH IN RUSSIA in the town of Vyazma.

By that moment critics transferred us into New School Hardcore, and since then we've been playing in that style though we always thought that HARDCORE is a way of life and a manner of attitude to life. Fuck critics!!! After we recorded WHO'S NEXT? Eugene Korolev left the band forever and his place was taken by Sasha "Mick" Grinkevitch again. So we
played gigs a lot in different places, but by late 2001 Mick decided to move in Moscow and for a certain time we had no bassist, and for several months Tema from the Smolensk Nu Metal band GASTELLO and Denis "Kaps" played with us as session-musicians. Only in early 2004 Andrey Chepelev became a full-time four-stringer and a few months later our drummer Kolya Rybnikov was replaced by Vlad Prikhod'ko (ex-VIDDHI). (Kolyan we remember you and your ten years in URBANS!!!) With the new rhythm-section we re-worked all the current material and after a series of gigs in summer we recorded a new album FIGHT BACK!, which is expected in winter 2006. We write ONLY political and personal lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At present URBAN STRIP are:
Vasiliy Garapko - vocals, lyrics, music
Alex "Kirk" Kuzmin - vocals, lyrics and a little music
Lena "Founding Mother" Garapko - guitar, music
Andrey Chepelev - bass, music
Vlad Prikhod'ko - drums, music

During all this time we were regular participants of the fests: THRASH METAL ATTACK (Smolensk, Russia), THE SMOLENSK PROJECT, THE SMOLENSK PROJECT POSTSCRIPTUM and
PROJECTION (all Smolensk, as you could notice), SLAMONOID (Oryol, Russia), GRAND FREAK SHOW (Bryansk, Russia), CORE PARTY (Vitebsk, Belarus), BAND WATCH (Hagen, Germany and Vyazma, Russia).

We played together with: EXORCIST (Smolensk, Russia), MAGGOT COLONY (Smolensk, Russia), ORCHESTRA PIT'S CANNIBALS (Smolensk, Russia), NAME (Smolensk, Russia), SUP (Smolensk, Russia), GASTELLO (Smolensk, Russia), Sz (Smolensk, Russia), EPILEPSY BOUT (Moscow, Russia), UL'I (Moscow, Russia), NAIVE (Moscow, Russia), DISTEMPER (Moscow, Russia), PURGEN (Moscow, Russia), DER STEINKOPF (Moscow, Russia), MARRADYORY (St. Petersburg, Russia), VIBRATOR (St. Petersburg, Russia), -34 (Belarus), RASTA (Belarus), LKT (Belarus), BEETLEJUCE, PLASTICA, PARALON (Oryol, Russia), NATIVE TROUBLE MAGIC (USA), HUMAN ERROR (Sweden), COCA-CAROLA (Sweden), ANTIKÖRPER (Germany), BLACK MILK (Germany), MOTOSUSHI (Germany), DURSTIG (Germany) and a lot more, sorry if we forgot to mention you.

WHO'S NEXT? 2001 (Sound Age)
URBANSTRIP/xOWN DECISIONx split-tape 2002 (Always at War Rds)
LIVE AND URBANIZED 2000 Video-tape (Drive Sound Prods, Russia)

NECROZOOPHILIC VIDEO 1995 (Rest in peace Prods, Russia)
HARDCORE LIVES! 1996 (Wanted Prods, France)
THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT OR 1998 (??? , Smolensk Russia)
BEST METAL sHITS #6 1999 (RAE Music, Russia)
DRIVE SOUND COMPIL. Vol. 1 2000 (Drive Sound Prods, Russia)
PUNKS vs HARDCORE Vol. 1 2002 (BUTT Recs, Vitebsk, Belarus)
KOMPLIKATION COMPILATION #2 2003 (Depercosa Recs. Malaysia)

We never cared for copyright so there certainly are more compilations so if you have them let us know, please.