WHO'S NEXT? ('2000)

Lyrics: Vasiliy

Evil old men created the wars,
Missiles, tanks, gases and bombs.
Fat old men always eat their hunk.
To cope with this must the young.

Then everything on T.V. justified
Victims arent vain, go on, you good guys.
Never care about somebodys cries.
Hidden ends no one ever finds...

Chorus: War. War is the business.
War. War is the grief.

War is the business that goes so well.
How large their incomes you never can tell
Life goes on and business is fair
Just the time to start the new warfare.

Those fat men dont know how death smells
They dont shoot one another, dont bury their friends.
Creating their orders they merrily laugh
Enjoying the company of their stupid sluts.


Stop and Think.
Lyrics: Vasiliy

Acid rains down from the sky
Stupids dream of being wise
Above the hills of shit the flies have a fight
Prisons are closed cause of the strike.

Nothing to add, such a sorrowful scene
Theres so much trash, soil cannot be seen
The holes in ozone we are constantly drilling
And playing nuclear games like children


Stop and think.

A man thinks hes got full head of brains
And is digging the grave with the cleverest face
Never a thought of whats left after him
Whatta do the discendants should thoroughly think.

Everythings hopeless one could bitterly say
Such an idea cant live, no fucking way
We arent mindless stone-cold imbeciles
Those who say that we are, are goddamn liers

Stop and think what future you want!

You know the world is so fragile
So, whats good to set it on hell fires
Use all your power and take it to save
Flowers are better in the fields than on graves.

Mama, dont Kill Me.
Lyrics: Kirk

There is a war which is endlessly going on
And this war is protected by walls of home sweet home
Theres nothing to report on this silent front
Just another loving parent killed his own child.

Boys and girls, handsome sons and pretty daughters
Hanged, shot, beaten and slaughtered
So, here comes the bitter question: Why?
They didnt even start to live, why they should die?

Once upon a time there lived a little girl of four
Her drunken mom threw her down from the ninth floor
The mother was arrested and then explained
She killed her daughter cause she needed to be fed.

Chorus: And the public pretended to be blind
Nothing happened, its alright
Oh, poor child, they only sighed
They pretended not to hear what these children
Mama, dont kill me!

Another good woman simply wanted to get married
She brought her son to the forest and left him there
And he ran after her but she led him back
Thus, she showed her maternal love her dead son lacked


Moms and dads vs. children, so the war goes on
Every day behind the walls of home-sweet-home
And no one seems to see what happens right near
Thats why a lot of kids live in eternal fear.


Lyrics: Vasiliy

However the faces sometimes
Dont tell truth, often tell lies
And often it happens we realise
The face is the mask where murderer hides...

Different faces
Of different people
The politicians, the sluts
The monks and the thievs

Beautiful, fearful
Kind and angry
The ones you cant mention
And stupid as well

Open and innocent
Faces of children
Such you never can see
With the adults

Unreadable faces
Of tellers and shamans
And always excited
Of the addicts

Lustful as always
The face of the harlot
And cunning is face
Of the gypsy the thief

Chorus: Take off
Take off your mask!
Take off...
Show your face!

Big Brother.
Lyrics: Kirk

Mindless, mechanic,
Submitted, astenic...

Senseless, mindless, dispossible, mechanic,
Submitted, controlled, neurotic, astenic,
Formed in the raws, friendly guided,
We are running like cattle, obeyed, disregarded.

False information,
Thinking degradation...

T. V.- stations, full devastation,
Advertising, brain- masturbation
Electric pleasures, psychological killing
We are comfortable men, easy beings.

Chorus: Work real hard, eat more, think less
Truly democratic choice of method of your death
Big Brothers watching you, attentive look upon our backs
We are just another wasted generation next.

Big Brother is watching you...

Whos next?
Lyrics: Vasiliy

Here I am Mr. Cocaine
Welcome to where I reign
I am your friend, I am your lord
Ill show you the better world.

Once you have just to try me
Youll sure get within the dream
And you will fly and then youll see it.
Just freedom, there is no limits...

Chorus: Here I am, Mr. Cocaine
Welcome to where I reign
I am your friend, I am your lord
Ill show you the better world...

Whos next?
To die?
Whos next?
To burn his life?

Theres only you, no all the rest
I am your lord, I am your friend
The world is shit, forget it friend
Its not the movie, no happy end

So, tell me if your choice is made...
Oh, no! Stop! You wont get back!
You are the one whom I possess
You wont get back, just mind your place!

I am your lord, now I will rule
And now I will think for you
There is a law, which simply says:
Everyone has his own chance

Your chance, my dear you have missed.
My poor thing youve let me in
And now well fly into my world
I cannot say, you will return.

Happy New Year.
Lyrics: Vasiliy

On the day New Year comes
Await for wonders little ones
And keeping hope in their souls
To the Christmas tree they go

During dark and snowy evening
They see before the window dreaming
Santa Clause will come and give
The most precious of his gifts

Im not a kid Ive grown up
But even now when adult
Im calling back my childhood
My Santa lives in neighborhood

I wanted to believe again
That everything would be the same
As it was when I was young
But fucking Santas deadly drunk.

So, whats the fuck?
Santa Clause is pretty drunk
He has puked on Christmas tree
Refused to give the gift to me

After this he gave a fart
And told us with disgusting laugh:
Forgive me friends for what I did,
Ive turned your party into shit

He destroyed my childish dreams
They are now gone with him
I dont believe in Santa Clause
All my respect he has just lost.

Chorus: Happy New Year.

Choose your Way
Lyrics: Vasiliy

I know hate rules your mind
Your thoughts are not real
Drugs, vodka, beer and wine
I know will kill you, kill

One more your step and you will die
Wherever you come, you are a stranger
You do not get it tell me why?
Looking for a danger

Chorus: Choose your way!
Hey! Hey!

Hey guy, come to yourself
Open your eyes and look at mirror
Dont be a motherfucker
Or you will come below zero

It seems youve got a friend
Dont you see thats an illusion
You are sure to be framed
Free your mind and make conclusions.


Lyrics: D. Zakharenkov

It was a perfect evening
I saw her face in crowd
I tried to lurk in darkness
But you start scream so loud

I want to drink some vodka
Dont want to stay at home
But youre like devils fury
Destroyed my pleasuredome

Dont need your fucking kisses
Youd better kiss my ass
I want to see you dying
To listen to your last breath

Chorus: Bitch!

Lyrics: Vasiliy

Get right on the top... one step and youll fly
And dont be afraid, you only must try
You keep your faith and it becomes real
All you have no one will be able to steal

And that who is weak will open his eyes
Believe in himself, get stronger and rise
And he will understand that alls in his hands
He will tell himself: I really can.

Chorus:The only step, the only way
The only time, no words to explain
The feelings you have, the things you see
Flying high, flying free...

All you must do is to challenge your fate
You stay quiet and no time to wait
You know proverb: Nothing seek, nothing find.
So get on the top and rush into flight.


Lyrics: Vasiliy



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